Re: Karma

April 23, 2009

I just got an email from a guy who registered a domain name that I want. Keep in mind to register a domain name is only $10/year. This guy, who is not using it at all, wants $9500.00 to buy it! WTF?!?

I emailed him back and let him know what an a-hole he is and that karma, she is a bitch.


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Oh Shnap

August 26, 2006

YouTube – VW GTI MkV Trebuchet – UnPimp My Ride

This is freaking genious. It from the VW unpimp your auto campaign. Someone did an awesome job putting these together.

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WordPress is the latest of the blogging services.They, much like us, strive to make web development easy. And with keeping the spirit that our framework should be the best tool on line, we will be using different blogs to figure out how best to clean up the current tools.

In all honesty – you throw in  Flock and you have a very easy to use web journal. So I will be using my WordPress account to share my view of the internet – when I find something interesting, I am going to post it to the blog. It is a good experience to see all of the other tools that are available through other services.

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