Swine Flu

April 26, 2009

What I don’t understand about news coverage around this is the poor use of statistics. 68 deaths attributed to the flu, right? Must be a pandemic!

To give an accurate comparison, I Googled it and came up with a Minnesota report on deaths from the normal flu in 2008. Their reports say there are 700-800 influenza deaths each year in the state.

So why is everyone freaking out about 68?

Another case of hysterical reporting.


One Response to “Swine Flu”

  1. For a virus to become an epidemic, it needs a source, a pathway and a receptor.
    For an epidemic to become a pandemic, it needs ignorance, fear and blind panic.

    The way some particular pathogens work, the way they survive, the way they propagate. It is as though they have intelligence, they have a sense of purpose, an aim to survive, to live, as any life form on this planet has, be the life form big or small or even microscopic.

    To such life forms and, unfortunately for us, being their hosts, their food, their means of propagation, we are just walking, talking Petri dishes and nothing more.
    As in all pandemics, at first there is an incubation period, a period of relative calm, a period of not too much concern. This enables the virus to ‘get established’ to prepare for its onslaught.

    The Pandemic about to break out in Mexico City could spread World-wide. Cuger Brant’s book ‘Something Wicked This Way comes’ details the spread of a bird flu type pandemic and what would happen to society. It also details the irrational precautions people would take and the REAL way how to survive it. UK resilience, the WHO, do not have a viable action plan. He is the country’s foremost expert on CBRN issues. I suggest you read it if you want to be prevented from doing the wrong thing.

    Did you know there are numerous types of face mask to protect you from others sneezing germs over you? All are utterly useless as a bio-aerosol protector. All a face mask does is stopping you putting your hands to your mouth after touching, say, an escalator or pushing a door open. Look closely at the pictures of Mexican people wearing face masks what are they covering? Mostly, they cover just the mouth. A bio-aerosol, (sneeze) projected infection will look for those moist warm parts to incubate and multiply, your nose or your moist eyes and travel into your lachrymal glands from your eyes to your throat. Panic buying, getting a flu jab and creating a self imposed quarantine will not help as the book explains.

    Tamiflu, an antiviral drug used against bird flu, is said to be effective against the new strain.
    Not So.
    It is like being inoculated for the seasonal flu, but a useless a gamble on which strain the virus takes.

    And thus, this is how pandemics start; with a calm, silent, unwelcome introduction.

    As you sat there, safe in your little castle, your little house, watching the news reports, feeling glad that you escaped the spreading epidemic, both you and thousands like you would be unwittingly entertaining an unwanted host.

    You might even be reflecting on your excellent forward thinking. How you cunningly grabbed stores from your supermarket, filled up with petrol. How you grasped your alcohol or tobacco supplies for a few weeks and then battened down the hatches to ride out the storm.

    What you did not see, or could possibly have realised in your haste to survive, was that unheard cough whilst filling your supermarket trolley, that faint half hidden sneeze, while you paid the garage attendant for your fuel, that sweaty, clingy hand that gave you change in the off-licence. That phlegm-contaminated door you pushed open in your deliberations to gather your hoard and return to your safe little haven. Then there was that inadvertent sneeze, straight in your face, all over your cleverly conceived, safe, protective, face mask. But what you did not understand about human anatomy was the breeding grounds, the receptors, those lovely warm moist eyes, those watery lachrymal glands which indirectly led to your Eustachian tubes deep in your head.

    At first you might notice a mild headache, with your eyes stinging slightly after each sneeze, and then you would start to shiver a little, suddenly you would start to shiver a lot. You would go to bed and hide under your warm duvet. The trouble is it isn’t warm any more. Five duvets on you would not be warn enough, as you curled up and shook, while cold sweat emanating from every pour in your shaking body.

    Then delirium will overtake your consciousness. At those times you managed to come around to reality, your head would be aching, your chest aching, your whole body racked with pain. You would be feeling weak and feeble and, at that time, that most miserable time of almost continual suffering, you would know in your heart, that death was fast approaching and your fate was inevitable. It would be just a matter of time and for some, after all they were going through, it would be most welcome..

    Not months, not weeks, but days, hours, even minutes for the ‘more fortunate.’

    Then the sneezing would abate; then you would find it harder and harder to breathe. Others would see you laying there, your wife, husband, brother, sister or other such partner your circumstances dictated. They would watch as your face changed to a dark shade of crimson as you fought for each breath sucked in by froth filled lungs. Crimson bloody froth would be emanating from your mouth, from broken exploded disintegrated alveoli, which normally would be absorbing oxygen deep in your lungs, but now were unable to cope with the rising crimson tide, deep in your lungs. Then your back would arch and you would rise from the bed, just slightly, as you struggled for, and sucked in, your last breath before lying back down and finally being at peace, while gurgling in a red froth, drowning in your own blood.

    Cuger Brant ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes…’

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